The Estates

The Madrid

9600 sq. ft / 8 bedrooms (6 king beds + 3 bunk beds) / 7 bathrooms / 2 Guest Houses/Casitas / Tennis Court / Poolside bungalow / Airplane Hangar / Optional Use of RV as additional bedroom

The sun may go down over Mount San Jacinto, but the fun definitely continues when you’re here. In the same way Madrid, Spain is the city that has it all, this estate truly leaves nothing to the imagination. Equipped with its own tennis court, an airplane hangar (pop-up music venue, anybody?), and poolside cabana, your ultimate event destination awaits you at The Madrid Estate. Click an image to expand a larger version.

The San Sebastian

4500 sq. ft / 6 bedrooms (sleeps 18) / 6 bathrooms / Guest House / Built In Wet Bar + BBQ / Outdoor Pavillion / Waterfall Pool / Horseshoe Pit / Garden / Trampoline / Indoor-Outdoor Professional Sound System

San Sebastian is a beautiful seaside city located in North Spain known for its excellent beaches and outstanding culinary. The San Sebastian Estate was inspired with a grande waterfall that comes adorned with multiple jacuzzi pools that work best when occupied with good company. If you come to San Sebastian, you are destined to get in the water and enjoy the spectacular views. Click an image to expand a larger version.

The Cordoba

9600 sq. ft / 9 bedroom (sleeps 25) / 7 bathrooms / Guest Casita / Arcade & Billiard Room / Multiple Kitchens / Poolside Palapa / Waterfall HotTub / Indoor Outdoor Professional Sound System / Horseshoe pit / Grass Volleyball Court

The architecture of this estate contains a maze of rooms inspired by the historic quarter of Cordoba where all paths lead back to the heart of the estate. As the city of Cordoba is perfect to explore on foot, this mansion sits on 9,600 square feet with 8 bedrooms. When you stay at Cordoba, you’re encouraged to get lost in all the luxurious wonders it has to offer. Click an image to expand a larger version.

The Barcelona

9,000 sq. ft / 6 bedroom (sleeps 20) / 6 bathrooms / Built In Wet Bar + BBQ / Outdoor Pavillion / Flowing River Pool / Pool / Horseshoe Pit / Chipping Green / Indoor-Outdoor Professional Sound System

Barcelona is the ultimate tourist destination in Spain, and The Barcelona Estate embodies that worldwide travel experience very well. Play beach volleyball or put the greens without having to leave the front gates of paradise. While the heart of Barcelona lies La Rambla (once a river bed), The Barcelona Estate has a series of river cascades leading to the center of your entertainment experience. Vibrant, bustling, and luxurious, The Barcelona Estate was made to exceed your expectations. Click an image to expand a larger version.

The Seville

6000 sq. ft / 6 bedrooms (sleeps 20) / 5 bathrooms / Guest Casita / Arcade & Billiard Room / Poolside Palapa / Outdoor Dining Area / Waterfall HotTub / Indoor-Outdoor Professional Sound System / Horseshoe Pit / Sand Volleyball 

We took that heat and cooled things down with The Seville Estate. As Seville is the home of flamenco, this estate embodies Seville’s festive and buzzing city vibe where culture is first and foremost. If you take an old-school vibe and combined it with modern architecture concepts, the result is so breathtaking that there is no denying where its inspiration came from. Click an image to expand a larger version.